Dating sites for sale

Popular dating website Lucky-Lovers.Com based on eMeeting software and have more then 50 000 dating members located around the world more...
Price: $608.85 only
Popular dating website PlentyOfDates.Us based on eMeeting software and have more then 45 000 dating members located in the United States more...
Price: $438.85 only
Popular dating website Ok-Cupid.Eu based on eMeeting software and have more then 100 000 dating members located in the Europe more...
Price: $608.85 only


Here you will find the frequently asked questions, that will help you to find answers and explanations. If after reviewing this information, you can’t find the proper explanation, please contact our support team and we will contact you as soon as possible.

1. Is hosting included to dating site price?
Yes. The 12 months unlimited webhosting is including the the purchase price of dating site.
2. What dating software do you use?
We use a eMeeting, SkaDate, Dating Pro dating scripts, ready software solution to build a dating site.
3. Do I own the dating site once bought?
Yes you do, once you have paid for the site, you own it fully. No hidden cost and commission to be paid.
4. What happens after I purchase the site?
We will organise your preferred site to be pointed to your name. You will also be given hosting panel details and admin details so you can manage the dating site, users and photos.
5. Do you offer SEO services (search engine optimisation)?
Our sites already optimised and added to google, but we can provide additional optimisation if you need.
6. What payment gateways does the site support?
Our dating sites fro sale support to Paypal.
7. Can you install the dating software on to my hosting?
Yes, this can be done for free if your hosting use WHM/Cpanel and for additional charges if you have not WHM/Cpanel.
8. Can I choose my own domain?
Yes you can.
9. Can I get refund if I not satisfied with bought dating site?
Sorry, you can not, because product is digital and you can even create a full or part copy of this product.