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About us

Our company BuyDatingSite.Com was organized in 2002, by the group of well experienced and skilled specialists in PHP development and SEO. Our specialists have developed more than 500 web sites, scripts and utilites, among them: companies sites, dating sites, matchmaking sites, niche sites, and many others. Our customers are different sized enterprises and companies all over the world, companies CEOs and Executives are interested in broadening of their business and that’s why they are choosing us as partner.

We provide a wide range of web services for all our clients, dating profiles selling, companies and dating sites development, dating sites customization, and dating users’ profiles integration.

There are some kinds of services, that our company provide with, among them:
  • Development: Web development (PHP/MySQL based solution for any business in the internet)
  • SEO: Search Engine optimization of your business sites and portals
  • Design: Web design and template integration
  • Dating profiles: Users dating profiles selling and profile database integration
  • Dating sites: Turnkey dating sites
  • Partnership: Affiliate and Investing programs and partnership
Our company BuyDatingSite.Com has been working in dating business within 10 years. BuyDatingSite.Com our company sells dating sites only with well-tried dating scripts. Most of our customers are owners and CEOs of dating industry companies, who are involved in development if dating sites and software and from time to time they buy new dating sites and databases of dating site profiles from improving and growing their dating business.

Our company has developed the unique and fantastic dating system, that contains several millions dating site members’. The secret of our success is that we are using the multi-domain system, due to this option we can use the same site users databases on different dating sites, matchmaking portals and social networks.